Liberate Liberate

Liberyse is capable of storing data from many different systems to a central data pool and of keeping these data available in a unified format.

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Preserve Preserve

The SVA Liberyse software ensures safe and legally compliant archiving of data from different source systems to a central, single archive.

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Analyse Analyse

Liberyse visualises the business logic of your company. Various analysing and output options make it easier to deal with large data sets.

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Cross-system, analysable archiving solution. Revision-proof. Legally compliant. Liberyse is a comprehensive archive solution that frees data from a variety of source systems and merges them logically into an overarching data pool. The data are retained on a long-term basis in an open and future-proof format and can be analysed at any time.

Legally compliant and revision-proof
Legally compliant and revision-proof

Many legal and business-specific rules for electronic archiving have to be observed in everyday business. As an analysable archive Liberyse allows, among other things, simple and fast data retrieval in accordance with Z1, Z2 and Z3. Thus, depending on the permissions granted to them, internal as well as external auditors can have short-term access to business data without having to access the productive systems.

Liberyse cloud or on-site installation
Liberyse cloud or on-site installation

Liberyse is available in cloud-based and on-site versions. With the cloud-based version, your data are kept safe at the high-security SVA data centre in Germany. The on-site version allows in-house provision of data with access via an intuitive web client.


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  • Independent of systems, platforms and databases
  • Maintaining and enhancing business logic
  • Audit-proof archiving (access in terms of Z1, Z2, Z3)
  • Several analysis options (CSV, IDEA, PDF)
  • Flexible, multi-tenant security model
  • Data deletion after preservation period
  • Inclusion of other archive system